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What Garden Tools Are Right For You?

Garden Tool Ideas to Help You Decide

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Garden tools are essential to anyone growing vegetables in your backyard garden. With so many choices, how do you decide what is right for you? Most gardeners will need a basic set of hand tools and hoses to maintain their garden. The tools themselves are dependent on the person’s preference, so here are some ideas for different ways to maintain your garden.

Tool Ideas to Maintain Your Garden

A Way to Measure Depth

If you decide to plant seeds and/or bulbs directly in the garden soil, they will come with a recommended depth. You need a way to measure that depth. If you are a new gardener, you probably can’t eyeball it, so here are a few ideas to help you.

A Way to Water

Watering is essential to life for your plants. There is nothing more heartbreaking than investing in a garden only to have your plants die because you were too busy to water. If you work full-time like me, I recommend getting a timer so your plants will be automatically. The technology has come a long way, and it’s worth the investment to me. Since I have not had the time to purchase a drip irrigation system, I have been using soaker hoses instead. Soaker hose "leak" water continuously. By placing the soaker hose at the base of your plants, you are only watering the root system and moistening the soil. 

A Way to Move Dirt (Without Breaking Your Back)

When you buy soil amendments like garden soil or mulch, it’s heavy. I take advantage of the people who help you load it at Home Depot but at home, I still have to get it to my garden in the backyard. Having a wheelbarrow or a wagon is a great way to do this. I have an older wheelbarrow that’s more for looks than use now but we also have 2 little wagons we used for the kids. Those little wagons can be easily pulled by you (or your children) to take loads to your garden.

A Way to Remove Prune and Remove Weeds

Weeding is a part of any garden no matter how careful you are to avoid them. Birds and the wind will always blow weed seeds into your garden. Removing them is easy when you catch them small. I saw this pop-up bag on Garden Answer and I’ve been in love with it. I like that it’s easy to move around and can hold quite a bit. You also need a pair of gloves. You can definitely weed without them but sometimes you have to pull or dig to get the weeds out and they can do a number on your skin. You also need a sharp pair of pruners or scissors. I’ve used both. Try to avoid the ones that are $2 at the dollar store. The handle is a very cheaply made plastic that will crack off easily if you use force. I learned that the hard way. Tip: Always wear gloves when pruning squash plants, they are naturally prickly.

A Way to Carry Your Harvest

The most satisfying tool in my opinion is the basket. This basket will hold the fruits of your labor, patience, and money. You can use any kind of basket that works for you, something that you have around your house, or even your hands. In my first garden, I only have one tomato plant and one zucchini plant. When I harvested, it fit perfectly in my hand. I eventually upgraded to an old Easter basket my mom had. Many vegetables you can just twist off the plant when they are ripe. But some things that grow on the vine need to be cut off. Using a sharp knife, pair of scissors, or pruning shears will help you avoid ripping your plant.

Happy Gardening!

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