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The Meaning of Thanksgiving for me

Thanksgiving isn't a time that I celebrate how the pilgrims lived or what they learned from the Native American tribes. Thanksgiving, for me, is all about my family. My family (and very close family friends) have long suffered from death by lifestyle choices. And every year, my dinner table has one person less sitting at the table. Depression and addiction run rampant in my family. My papa died from complications of diabetes (Type II), my grandma died of compilations due to smoking, my granddaddy died of a broken heart and complications from smoking, my died died from alcoholism, and this year we lost a close family friend to cancer that he didn't want to get checked out.

As Thanksgiving approaches I look to the guys in this photo. They bring me so much joy. Our family has fought through so many battles. We have weathered a lot of very tough seasons in our lives. We aren't perfect parents by any means. In fact, we have no clue what parents who have their s*** together even look like. But we try. Every day we try to change a little bit of that broken family tree. We hope our boys grow up to never face the same challenges as us, but to face new ones with a lot less heartache and brokenness.

Thanksgiving, for me, is a time to be so thankful for the perseverance God gave me.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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