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The Best fall container ideas for 2020

5 Fun Fall Container Ideas to Brighten Up Your Life

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1. Heaven Sent by Proven Winners

Proven Winners Heavenly Scent Fall Container

Proven Winners lives up to the name in every way. They always have the best ideas and their plants are well worth the investment. For the recipe, click here.

2. Freshwater Pearls

Proven winners does it again with this beautiful display that will hold it's color through several frost nights.

3. ‘Violet Wing’ Cool Wave Spreading Pansy
Ball Horticultural Company

Ball Horticultural Company

This variety of spreading pansy is developed to create a cascading appearance over time. This container will also withstand some cold winter temperatures as well especially in the milder southern regions. Recipe: 12 in pot, 2 -4.5 inch Violet Wing Cool Wave Spreading Pansies.

4. Purple Pansy and English Ivey Window Box

Window boxes aren’t just for the Spring and Summer seasons. Using a beautiful purple pansy with cold tolerant English Ivy creates a beautiful display that will last until hard frosts.

5. Mums

Mums are a quintessential Fall plant. They bring in a beautiful pop of color to any space indoors or out. The great thing about mums, it that one will create a beautiful display all on it’s own. They are a dense plant with beautiful blooms.

Happy Gardening!

- Kristen

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