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PRODUCT REVIEW:Tucker Murphy Pet Kangley Chicken Coop

My Review of the Kangley Portable Chicken Coop

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This Spring, I bought chickens on a whim. Which led me to need a chicken coop. Now my husband and I aren't exactly good at building things so I needed to find a pre-made chicken coop. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one. Chicken coops were sold out everywhere! I finally found this one on Wayfair. The Tucker Murphy Pet Kangley Portable Chicken Coop.



  • Assembly This item, like most things shipped these days, comes in a million pieces. But every piece was labeled with multiple labels so you would not get confused. The instructions were easy to follow and I actually put it together myself (with slight assistance from my 10 year old). I did need someone with my muscle to tighten some of the screws toward the end to keep everything super tight.
  • Design The design is great for what you can expect. It looks really nice. It includes two roosting bars that can be removed when cleaning and placed back. It includes multiple ways to access the run and the coop. Another benefit was the nesting boxes. I wanted to make sure I bought one with nesting boxes and these have a latch system that allows you to access them to collect eggs without needing to go through the main coop.
  • Price The price of this coop was not bad compared to some others. For a beginner chicken keeper, it's a good buy when you have no idea what your doing and have 2-4 chickens. Because of the demand for chicken coops this Spring, I had to wait a long time to find one that was reasonably priced and wait for it to get here from the manufacturer overseas.


  • Durability The main problem I had with this coop is that it is not durable. Within the first couple of weeks, the door that swings open to let the chicks out kept falling off the hinge. It still does no matter how much you tighten it. Once the girls because hens, the of what I call their sunroof collapsed under their weight. It has wheels and a handle so you are supposed to be able to move it but don't move it too far because pieces will start to separate.
  • Size It does advertise you can fit 2-4 chickens and I do have 5. But now that they are hens, I can tell that more than 2 is too much. It's very cramped.

Overall Rating

This coop is a great thing for a beginner chicken keeper. I have had this coop since my hens were a couple months old and they still use it at night to sleep and to lay eggs. It's easy for a new chicken keeper to assemble and has many access points. The price wasn't bad either.

I do wish that I can taken the plunge to build my own coop. I don't know if it would have been cheaper but I know for that amount of money, I could have build something bigger. I doubt it would look as nice as this one though.

Have you bought a pre-fab chicken coop? What are your thoughts?

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