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Garden Pests: Leaf Rollers

How to Save Your Vegetables from Being Eaten by Leaf Rollers

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Have you noticed curled ends on your bean plants? When you unfold the little curl is there a little worm hiding out? I have been dealing with a lot of these little ladies in the garden lately. It actually effected the production of my plants. After treating the pests, I saw my pole beans grow and thrive.

What Are Leaf-Rollers?

They are actually moth larvae but get the nickname "leaf-rollers" because they roll the end of a leaf to make a safe place to hide from predators and feast on your plants. You can also tell by the sillk they use to keep the leaf rolled up.

How to Treat Leaf Rollers?

Method #1 Bacillus thuringiensis known as B.t.

Using B.t. is the most effective method for treating caterpillars. You only need to mix a small amount with a gallon of water to make a very effective spray. You will need to reapply after a heavy rain though. This can also be hard to time. I couldn't find it at Tractor Supply or Home Depot. So I had to order off of Amazon. Here is the link if you're interested.

Method #2 Soap Spray

Another method is mixing a small amount of dish soap with water and spraying your plants down. Go easy on the soap because if you use too much, it will kill your plants (I learned that last year).

Method #3 Water

This is the least effective method unless you spend a lot of time in the garden. Like A LOT of time. You will need to spray everything down multiple times a day with more force than your usual watering. The moths in my area are relentless so this worked the least for me. But it doesn't cost you anything extra.

After I treated for these little pests, I saw my bean production improve dramatically.

Happy Gardening!

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