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Finally a successful fly trap recipe

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I don't know about you, but flies have been terrible this year in Georgia. I blame it on the warm weather we had last Winter. My children and I have been running in and out of the house the past few months which has caused a lot of flies in our house. And I can't even discuss my chicken coop, y'all. It's been horrible in the chicken run. Any feed I put down gets swarmed by flies.

So I checked out Home Depot, Lowe's, and Walmart for fly traps and they are sold out! I couldn't believe it. Clearly we all are having trouble this year. My next step was to look up some homemade trap options. Why not use what you got, right?

I tested out several traps in my backyard. We had some heavy afternoon storms so many were filled with water and ruined. I found a spot under a tree close to my compost pile for this one and it worked well. I also tested out two different types of traps - stinky and sweet. Stinky traps had a piece of chicken or shrimp stuck down in them to attract flies. Sweet had watermelon chunks in it along with honey. Both traps had a little coke. In my research I saw many people using dark tape or dark liquid like coke to attract them. I actually believe this is necessary. I tried it with Sprite and the trap didn't work.

This trap worked the best as you can see.


Cut the top of the bottle off.

Take the cap off.

Invert it inside the bottle gently.

That's it!

I did not use tape of hang it up or anything and this worked just fine.


1 - Coke 2 Liter bottle (any bottle will do really)

2-3 watermelon chunks (super juicy is better)

1/4 cup or so of Coke

Drizzle of honey

Have you had a fly problem this year?

Do you have a good trap story? I'd love to hear it!

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